Individual customer

Taxi service offer for the individual customer


Freedom of movement

Comfortable travel at your fingertips – Our taxi services provide you with immediate access to comfortable transportation, no matter where you are.

Privacy and comfort on every route – Our taxis are clean, well-maintained and equipped with comfortable seating, ensuring that you have a quiet and enjoyable journey.


Time-saving and comfortable travel

Professional drivers mean a smooth journey – Experienced taxi drivers keep you safe and ensure a smooth, stress-free journey with their local route knowledge and customer service skills.

Save time and eliminate stress – Avoid the hassle of parking and schedules by using a taxi service that is available 24/7 to accommodate your travel schedule.

When is it a good idea to book a taxi?


Airport transfers

When you need fast and convenient transport to/from the airport



When you have a lot of luggage or don’t want to carry heavy bags a taxi driver will do the shopping for you.


An evening out with friends

A taxi will ensure you get home safely after a party with friends.



When it’s unfavourable or raining, use our taxis to avoid getting wet.


Wedding and other celebrations

When you want elegant transport for your guests in well-maintained and comfortable taxis.


Car breakdown

When you want elegant transport for your guests in well-maintained and comfortable taxis.

Additional services
in Super Taxi Rzeszów 19622


Transporting children to school and kindergarten

We provide safe and reliable transportation of children to school and kindergarten, taking care of their comfort and safety.


Service for family celebrations

We provide elegant taxis to ensure comfortable transport of guests to family celebrations such as weddings, christenings or anniversaries.


On-time orders and services

We guarantee punctuality and timeliness, fulfilling orders for specific times so you can arrive on time for business meetings or important events.


Cashless ordering with customer-PST card.

We allow cashless payment via customer-PST card, making taxi ordering convenient and secure.


Bringing in luggage for an extra charge***

We offer the option to bring in luggage for an additional fee to make it easier for you to move with more things.


Taxi bus

We provide spacious minibus taxis, ideal for transporting larger groups of people, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey.


Luggage taxis

We provide taxis with more luggage space to accommodate larger items, suitcases or shopping.


Transport of animals

We will ensure the safe transport of your pet, taking care of your pet’s comfort and well-being during the journey.


Shopping fulfilment*

We offer a shopping fulfilment service so that you can enjoy convenient transport when you don’t have the time or ability to do your own shopping.


Flower delivery

We provide professional flower delivery so that you can give someone a special surprise anytime, anywhere.


Collection and delivery of small parcels*

We guarantee fast collection and delivery of small parcels, enabling you to save time and standing in traffic.


Car advertising

We offer the opportunity to place your company’s advertising on our taxis, giving you greater visibility and promotion.


Car start-up**

If you have problems starting your car, our drivers can help you and come to your assistance.


Taxis with air conditioning and payment terminals

We provide comfortable taxis with air conditioning and payment terminals that support all cards, so that you can travel in a pleasant environment and make your payments without any problems.


Have you been drinking? Don't drive! We will drop you and your car off****

We provide a safe ride home in the event of alcohol consumption by dropping your car off at a location of your choice and delivering you safely home.

* extra charge


** additional charge in the first price zone


** additional charge in the second price zone + cost of travel


*** additional charge


**** price negotiation takes place directly between customer and driver

Get to know our prices for passenger transport services. We allow payment by card.

Travel with comfort and confidence – Super TAXI Taxis 19622 for your comfort!

Mobile application

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Take advantage of available discounts

Download our taxi app on your smartphone and discover how easy booking a taxi can be. With this app you can order a taxi quickly.

When you order via the Super Taxi app, you get a 10% discount.

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