With business on the way

Taxi services for companies and institutions


Your company on the move

Time efficiency and mobility for your business – Our taxi services enable your business to operate efficiently, saving valuable time and ensuring quick movement between meetings, the airport and other business points.

Accessibility and flexibility – Our taxi services are available around the clock, providing flexibility in business travel planning for your employees and a quick response to changing business needs.


Professional service for your customers

Safe and presentable means of transport – The taxis we offer are maintained in excellent technical condition, ensuring the safety and comfort of your passengers. In addition, their clean and presentable appearance contributes to the positive image of your company.

Professional drivers for your customers and partners – The taxi drivers are trained in customer service, so your business partners and customers will experience the highest quality of service and feel comfortable during their journey.

We will prepare special conditions of cooperation for your company or you can use the nationwide PST system

Polish Taxi Network – Special non-cash offer for Companies and Individuals

The PST system is a modern, convenient and flexible solution guaranteeing cashless taxi service throughout Poland, in all provincial cities.

To order a taxi, simply dial 19 123, which works without area codes throughout Poland.


The customer places an order in the standard way: by phone, using the application on the phone or on-line. In the taxi, after the ride, the customer gives the driver the taxi CODE given to him beforehand.

The driver communicates with the billing platform via his phone, giving the taxi CODE and the amount for the journey

The course is automatically accepted and the system transmits a confirmation of the course.



Use of taxi services throughout Poland without unnecessary formalities


A single, nationwide telephone number for ordering a taxi.


A proven, secure billing system that makes it easy to identify your journeys by city


Billing and payment once a month and VAT invoice


On-line specification of journeys in real time and as a summary at the end of each month


Creation of clear lists to facilitate accounting work or export of data to popular accounting software


SMS confirmation after each journey made


The contract does not generate any costs or impose a minimum amount of journeys per month


Possibility of ongoing analysis and cost control


Free billing service and account manager


Online ordering of taxis and a mobile application for ordering taxis throughout Poland.

The initiator of the PST project is the Warsaw-based Sawa Taxi corporation, which has many years of experience in cashless customer service throughout Poland.

The system has been in operation at Sawa Taxi for more than 10 years. It is reliable and based on the latest IT solutions.

Download a presentation

Get to know our prices for passenger transport services. We allow payment by card.

Mobile application

Download the app free of charge
Take advantage of available discounts

Download our taxi app on your smartphone and discover how easy booking a taxi can be. With this app you can order a taxi quickly.

When you order via the Super Taxi app, you get a 10% discount.

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